Through our programmes, we have initiated a journey to empower people and transform their lives. There are yet miles to go and the task is to meet emerging needs of the People and the Planet. This cannot be a single handed effort.


We invite you all – the discerning, the sensitive and the envisioning citizens of this planet – to participate in this effort. This is an invitation to Kinship, one which can take many different forms:

Donate for a Cause

Your financial contributions to specific programme initiatives can make a great difference: making drinking water available to parched communities; helping a girl child to have a solid foothold in life; enable women’s groups or farmer organisations to manage their journey on the road of development; create a sustainable livelihood for a group of families.

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Nurture an Open Space of Ideas

Considering the emerging needs, challenges and opportunities, BAIF works towards conceiving and developing new-age ideas and incubating these with a Vision.

A number of such ideas are under incubation:

  • Developing a solar energy based eco-system for rural development;
  • Applying Information and Communication Technologies to reach and empower last mile action;
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture technologies and enterprises to trigger the fourth ‘Green’ Industrial Revolution at the grassroots;
  • Facilitating young social entrepreneurs to create win-win linkages between rural and urban environments.

Area Based Rural Development

In order to create a critical mass of change in a large area, BAIF programmes are conceived and implemented in clusters covering a few villages to an entire Block. In these programmes, BAIF’s well tested and proven programme ideas for sustainable management of landscapes and generating rural livelihoods are implemented with an area planning approach.

Research for Development

The last 50 years of the BAIF journey is characterized by “walking on two legs”: implementing rural development programmes at scale across different eco-systems in the country, and undertaking applied research, which would develop appropriate solutions and approaches on a continuing basis. BAIF has believed that development action without research rapidly becomes outdated, and research without development focus becomes an academic and ivory tower research.

BAIF has a well developed and integrated applied research programme. In view of BAIF work in these areas, BAIF is recognized as a Scientific Research Organisation and is a consortium member in many national-level research programmes.

Contributions to BAIF programmes qualify for exemption from Income Tax under Section 35 (1) (ii) for Research Programmes and 80 (G) for Rural Development Programmes of the Income Tax Act, 1961.