Dr. Manibhai Desai and Mr. Arvindbhai Mafatlal

Dr. Manibhai Desai was the Founder President of BAIF from 1967 till November 1993. Shri. Arvindbhai Mafatlal, was the Chairman of BAIF from 1977 till his demise in October 2011. They were the indestructible pillars of BAIF whose deep sense of commitment towards society blended with ground-reality-based plans, led to the implementation of rural development as well as relief and rehabilitation programmes all over the country. They were both visionaries whose joint blueprint for rural development resulted in many invitations from various Governments as well as launch of prestigious projects with scope for replicability. They had a shared mission of changing the destiny of the less fortunate and helpless masses which created a special bond between them. They both believed in the Gandhian model of development for providing solutions to rural problems which was linked to the basic needs of the people. It is with this conviction that Arvindbhai defined Quality of Life as a composition of four A’s namely Anna (livelihood), Akshar (literacy), Arogya (health) and Aacharan (strong moral character). They believed in building and nurturing teams and creating a band of dedicated professionals who would contribute to the growth of the organisation they both cherished. Their unique association helped to build a strong foundation for the organisation and ensure its growth in various parts of the country to serve humanity.