In alignment with its Vision and Mission, BAIF Development Research Foundation has adopted the Gandhian approach to rural prosperity with emphasis on Climate Change Mitigation and Resilient and Sustainable Community Livelihoods. With its multidisciplinary team of about 6000 employees and associates, BAIF is implementing major Nature-positive programmes such as Livestock Development, Natural Resources Management, Agri-Horti-Forestry (Wadi) and Agrobiodiversity Conservation for Sustainable Livelihoods and Enriched Environment.


BAIF is implementing these programmes with support from various Corporates under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Philanthropic Organisations and Government Departments. BAIF is also collaborating with Corporates for achieving their Carbon Offsetting / Neutrality Goals. BAIF has been closely associated with several State Government Departments as either an Implementation Partner or as a Knowledge Partner for Rural Development Programmes. The focus of collaboration with International Institutes is for conducting state-of-the-art field-based Applied Research and Technology Transfer.