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Research Accomplishments
Internal research focussed on livestock production, land-based livelihood and natural resource management.

  • Agronomic trials to evaluate Jatropha genotypes from worldwide collections, are being conducted in Wagholi, Maharashtra, Chaswad, Gujarat and Lakkihalli in Karnataka under a collaborative research with Jatroselect GmbH of Germany. Apart from genotypic variation, effect of climatic factors has also been observed on germination, growth and yield of these genotypes.
  • Standardisation of the production and usage of vermiwash on chick pea and tomato over several seasons enhanced the yield by 20%.
  • Improved management practices on poultry and study on Red Bean (Rajma) diversity were undertaken in hill areas of Champawat and Rudraprayag.
  • Studies on organic cultivation of patchouli under coconut shade were carried out in Karnataka.
  • Under the Conservation and Revival of Crop Genetic Resources for Sustainable Livelihood and Food Security of Farming Communities in Jawhar and Dhadgaon Blocks in Maharashtra, Conservation of crop landraces of paddy (170), Finger millet (27, Proso millet (5), Maize (5), sorghum (6) were purified and upgraded. Characterisation and evaluation of crop landraces of paddy (25), Finger millet (16) and Proso millet (10) were taken up. Community level seed production of paddy, Finger millet and Proso millet was taken up. Crop germplasm is being maintained through 335 landraces of various crops at the Central seed bank at Jawhar and on-farm conservation at field level involving 565 farmers in nine villages of Thane and Nandurbar districts. Three Community Seed Banks have been established, two in Jawhar block of Thane district and one in Dhadgaon block of Nandurbar district. The project has benefitted 2540 farmers through exhibitions and fairs on seeds, field visits and training on participatory seed selection. Statelevel seed savers' workshop was organised at Jawhar in 2011 involving 55 participants from various parts of Maharashtra. Training was conducted on preparation of decorative material from paddy panicles. A presentation was made on in-situ conservation of crop genetic resources with community participation which was awarded the first prize under in-situ conservation category at the National Conference on Biodiversity Conservation in Pune. Young Researcher Award was conferred during PANACEA 2011 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
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