BAIF Development Research Foundation has been helping small farmers across the country through the introduction of appropriate technologies and approaches for conservation of natural resources to earn sustainable livelihood. Presently, our programmes have benefited over 2.5 million below-poverty line families spread over 12 states. In this process of helping the rural poor, BAIF has validated various technologies suitable for different locations and established various successful models in the areas of
  Cattle, buffalo and goat development, embryo transfer
  Forage, feed and feed supplements production
  Water resource development
  Silvipasture development on degraded common lands
  Afforestation on degraded lands
  Food processing
  Organic farming
  Community health
  Empowerment of women
  Rehabilitation of tribals and micro-finance
With this rich experience, BAIF has also been providing consultancy services to various organisations including corporate houses and Government organisations.
We have been associated with various corporate houses and industries for greenbelt development and community development as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. We have well tested training modules for community needs assessment, project designing, programme implementation and monitoring and impact assessment which are essential for promoting sustainable rural development. Skill-based training modules in agrobased activities and livestock development are also available.
Our Experts
  Dr. Narayan G. Hegde   Dr. A.B. Pande
  Mr. Girish G. Sohani   Mr. Bharat Kakade
  Mr. Ramesh Rawal   Dr. Joshua N. Daniel
  Dr. Suresh B. Gokhale    
Agencies requiring our services may contact us:
Mr. B.K. Kakade
Vice President
BAIF Development Research Foundation
Dr. Manibhai Desai Nagar, Warje, Pune 411 058
Phone : 91-20-25231661/25231663,
Fax : 91-20-25231662
Email :
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