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Over a span of 40 years, BAIF Development Research Foundation, a reputed civil society organisation based in Pune, India has established a unique credibility in the field of Rural Development with special focus on effective transfer of innovative technologies for the benefit of the socio-economically deprived sections of the society including women and children through applied research, development and training.

The multidisciplinary programme covering livestock development with special focus on dairy husbandry for livelihood at the doorsteps of small and marginal farmers, watershed development through innovative water storage structures, permanent settlement of resource-poor tribal families by promoting orchards on degraded wastelands for food security and sustainable income, improved health status and empowerment of women through formation of self help groups and promotion of micro-enterprises has created a significant impact.

These programmes have been endorsed by the President of India as replicable models of poverty alleviation and quoted as new dimensions in rural and tribal development as Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA) on various occasions.

Over the years, leading Social Science and Management Institutes have deputed their students for internship to BAIF. These interns over a period of internship ranging from 3 months to one year have benefited tremendously from the rich learnings of BAIF and its unique development strategy of "building from below". Interaction with a multidisciplinary team of experts ranging from Scientists in various disciplines to Development Strategists and rural community leaders at the grassroot level have enriched their knowledge while providing them with vast field experience through exposure visits. These students while conducting impact analysis of various development programmes and providing BAIF a critical overview of its programmes, have also got an opportunity to understand the rich culture and enjoy the natural diversities.

Students with a specific objective of taking up studies in Natural Resources and Community Development and with their own financial resources to cover all their expenses are welcome.

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