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Water Resources Development
  Watershed Management: BAIF’s Approach
  Water Scarcity and Security in India
  Integrated Watershed Development Programme: BAIF Experience
  Sustainability Indicators in Watershed Management
  Successful Battle against Consecutive Droughts of Rajasthan through Participatory Water Resource Development
  Combating Drought in Rajasthan through the Watershed Approach
  Policy Support for Braving Drought
  Combating Drought through Innovative Approaches in Rajasthan
  Gram Swarajya at Gokulpura A Successful struggle of poor villagers to combat drought in Rajasthan
  Water Resource Management - Farmers of Gokulpura show the way
  Water Resource Management Farmers of Gokulpura Show The Way
  Rejuvenation of Rivulets: Farm Pondbased Watershed Development
  Integrated Drinking Water Resource Management: Impact Study of Watersheds in different Geohydrological and Socio-Economic Situations in India
  Revival of Farmponds
  Remote Sensing and GIS Information Resource Centre
  Water User Groups – BAIF’s Experience towards Equitable Water Use
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