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Livestock Development
  Transformation of Livestock Husbandry for Sustainable Rural Livelihood
  Dairy Extension for Transfer of Technologies
  Promotion Of Dairy Husbandry For Sustainable Livelihood : BAIF's Approach
  Livestock Development for Sustainable Livelihood of Small Farmers
  Scope For Reducing Ill-effects Of Livestock Husbandry On Global Warming
  Climate Change Impacts on Livestock Production and Adaptation Strategies A Global Scenario
  Forage Resource Development In India
  Development Strategy for Cattle and Buffaloes
  Scope For Promotion Of Livestock Husbandry In India: Discussion Paper
  Public Private Partnership
  Public Policies for Socioeconomic and Environmental Sustainability
  Livestock Development Opportunities For Improving Livelihood In Rainfed Areas
  Contributions of NGOs to Intellectual Capital Livestock PRODUCTION
  Dairy Development for Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Protection
  WTO Challenges for Indian Dairy Farmers
  Use Of Sugarcane Bagasse And Molasses For Feeding Dairy Cattle
  Prevention Of Cow Slaughter : Economic Gains As Primary Consideration
  Animal Husbandry Extension Working Paper For Discussion Of The Sub-group For XII Five Year Plan
  Strategy For Effective Animal Husbandry Extension
  Promotion of Dairy Husbandry for Sustainable Livelihood
  Strengthening the Infrastructure for Promoting the Economy of Dairy Farmers
  Study Estrus Synchronization In Crossbred Animals And Buffaloes In Navsari District
  Impact Of Drug Sensitivity On Conception Rate In Crossbred Animals
  Prevalence Of Gastro Intestinal Parasite In Dairy Animal Even After Mass Deworming Programme
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