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Agri - Horti - Forestry (Wadi)
  Strategy for ensuring food security in India
  Collective Farming for better Incomes
  Agri-horti-forestry for rehabilitation of tribals and small farmers Approach of BAIF
  The Wadi Programme: Rural Development through Farming Systems Approach
  Tree Planting on Private Lands
  Trees for improving farm productivity LEISA India June 2011
  Journal of Agricultural Sc and Tech Dec 2010
  Second Green Revolution for Sust Rural Livelihood GIST
  Small farmers and Role of NGOs in Improving their Livelihood
  Tree based Farming for Sustainable Livelihood
  Promotion of Underutilised Fruit Crops
  Promotion of underutilised crops for environmental sustainability
  Tree - Borne Oilseeds in Agroforestry
  Harvesting of Matured Mangoes ready for Ripening
  Constraints and Strategic Approach for Cashew Production in Tribal Holdings
  Involvement of Small Farmers in Cashew Production : BAIF’s Experience
  Cashew for Enhancing livelihoods of Poor Families in Tribal Areas
  Tree Domestication Experience of BAIF with Tamarind
  Good Practices in Linking Farmers to Market that Demonstrate Economic Incentivesand Promote Maintenance of TFT Diversity in India: Rehabilitation of Tribals Through Horti-Agri-Forestry
  Second Green Revolution For Sustainable Livelihood Security Of Small Farmers
  Promotion of Underutilised Crops for Income Generation and Environmental Sustainability
  Challenges of Community Forestry in India
  Multipurpose Exotic Species in Small Farm Agroforestry
  Jatropha Oilseed Production: A Realistic Approach
  Development of Non-Timber Forest Product Species for providing Sustainable Livelihood in India
  Social Forestry for Sustainable Development
  Jatropha Production Options Under Varied Resource Conditions
  Decentralised Nurseries For Promotion Of Social Forestry
  Role of vo in promoting sustainable livelihood
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