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Sustainable Rural Development
  Gandhian Approach to Rural Development
  Challenges of Rural Development and Opportunities for Providing Sustainable Livelihood: BAIF’s Approach
  Strategy for Rural Development
  Community Development in India
  Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Livelihood – BAIF’s Approach
  Alleviation Of Rural Poverty Through Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources
  Sustainability A challenge for Voluntary Organisations
  Role Of Non-government Sector In Development
  Role Of Business Houses And Voluntary Organisations In Rural Development
  Development of Infrastructure for Rural Prosperity
  Private Consortia Under The National Agriculture Innovation Project
  Public – Private Consortia Of National Agriculture Innovation –Charts
  Exploring Livelihood Avenues In Distressed Vidarbha, India
  Livelihood Technobank For Sustainable Development Of Backward Districts In Maharashtra, India
  Sustainable Rural Livelihood Through Agri-business Initiatives In Backward Districts Of Maharashtra
  Transfer Of Technologies For Sustainable Livelihood Through Village Cluster Development Approach
  Planning for Resource Management Experience of BAIF N.G. Hegde
  Opportunities For Agri-business In India
  Linkage of Grassroot Level Organisations for Empowering Rural Community
  Need For Policy Changes For Better Management Of Land Resources In India
  Human Resource Development For Poverty Alleviation
  Encash Global Employment Opportunities: Priorities For Capacity Building
  Technologies for providing Sustainable Rural Livelihood
  Nuclear Testing Vs Poverty Reduction - Need For Prioritization
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