The Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), a District-level Farm Science Centre sponsored by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi, is located at Chaswad village, Netrang taluka in Bharuch district of Gujarat. Established in the year 1994, KVK-Chaswad is operated by BAIF under the mandate of ICAR. Spread over 32 ha, various demonstration plots on vermicompost, Azola, dairy, cereals, pulses, vegetables, spices, fodder crops and orchards of mango, sapota, guava and custard apple have been organised on 26 ha land to impart hands-on training to farmers, rural youth and extension functionaries.


KVK aims at transfer of agricultural technology from the Research Station to farmersí field for increasing farm production and income.


The activities of KVK are based on the following mandates:

  • Conduct on-farm trials to identify suitable technologies in terms of location-specific land use systems
  • Upgrade skills of extension personnel in emerging advances in agricultural research through regular training programmes
  • Organise short and long term training courses in agriculture and allied vocations for farmers and rural youth with focus on learning by doing to ensure higher production on farms and to generate self-employment.
  • Organise front-line demonstrations on various crops to generate production data and feedback.
Thrust Areas in Research:


Thrust Area

Cotton Integrated Nutrient Management (INM), Integrated Pest Management
Pigeon pea Integrated Pest and Disease Management, Variety
Paddy High yielding improved Variety, System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA)
Chickpea Integrated Pest and Disease Management, INM, Variety
Sugarcane Integrated Pest and Disease Management, Variety
Groundnut Varietal performance, Sulphur requirement
Mango INM, Integrated Pest and Disease Management, variety
Brinjal INM
Marigold Improved variety
Kitchen Garden Nutritional Management
Papaya INM, Integrated Pest and Disease Management
Vermicompost Organic farming
Dairy Animal Nutrition, Fodder Management
Saline Soils Salt tolerance variety, Soil Reclamation
Achievements since inception:
  Total 1851 training courses have been conducted since inception in which 38715 farmers and farm women have benefitted.
  Front Line Demonstrations (FLD) and On Farm Trials (OFT have been conducted on 971 ha area with newly released high yielding varieties of crops in Bharuch district.
  Extension Activities such as Kisan melas, study tours, field days, exhibitions and film shows have been organised with the active participation of more than 87557 farmers.
  More than 4025 Diagnostic services have been provided to settle farmersí issues related to agriculture and allied fields.
  Total 3546 soil and water samples have been analysed.
Activities carried out during 2016-17:
  91 training courses were conducted for 2130 farmer participants of Bharuch district.
  To assess and upgrade technologies, 7 On-Farm Technologies were conducted at 70 farmersí fields.
  For effective transfer of technologies, Front Line Demonstrations on latest crop varieties were organised at 1222 farmersí fields covering 183 ha. The demonstrated varieties of major crops are NRC 37 and GJS-3 (Soybean); GAR-13 and Purna (Paddy); GW-173 and GW-1255 (Wheat); GJG-3 (Chickpea); Vaishali and AGT-2 (Pigeon pea); GAM-5 (Green gram); Guj.Blabkgram-1 (Black gram); GT-3 (Sesamum); BT Cotton Hy.- 8 (Cotton) and African Double Orange (Marigold).
  Promote and introduce fodder crops and varieties through demonstration on Hybrid Napier (Cv BNH 10), Oat (Cv Kent), Fodder Sorghum (Cv CSV 21 F) and Maize (African Tall).
  Micro nutrient status of soil and demonstrate corrective measures for deficient soils of the district for specific crops were studied on 15 ha area.
  Promoted use of sex pheromone traps in vegetables, fruit crops and cotton.
  Encouraged crop diversification with fruit crops such as mango, papaya and water melon.
  Encouraged farmers to adopt scientific animal breeding and health management practices.
  Production of quality seeds and planting material for farmers of the district.
Demonstration Units at the Campus:
  Vermicompost Unit: To promote organic farming, KVK has established a Vermicompost unit at the farm for hands on training and for supply of vermicompost and earthworms. Vermicompost production capacity of this unit is 15000 kg per year.
Details of Demonstration Unit:
Six Permanent Beds - 6 x 1 x 1 m
Two Portable Plastic Beds - 2.5 x 1 x 1 m
Two Open Beds - 2.5 x 1 x 0.5 m
  Dairy Unit: To demonstrate scientific management of cattle, KVK has established a dairy unit at the farm. The herd comprises of two HF milking cows, two HF heifers and two Gir heifers. Many farmers visit the dairy unit for information on feeding and management practices.
  Demonstrations of high yielding fodder crop varieties have also been undertaken on the farm.

Mr. Mahendra M. Patel
Senior Scientist and Head
BAIF Krishi Vigyan Kendra
At & Post: Chaswad, Taluka: Netrang,†Dist. Bharuch 393130, Gujarat
Telephone No.: 02643-285039 Mobile No. 08128691120

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